I am doing well, with my very bad bombing? So far I hit one chicken house, killed the only rooster, and thus made all of the hens very unhappy. Other than that, fly out, do my best and fly home and land. Love the slow landing speed.

I see some with more than one mission per day-- I would love to fly more missions within the one day. Can we??

Would love to get something that shoot any thing from my V. B1 very tail heavy crate. Good engine!!

Are shotguns OK?

Origin made- silverstone case,ASUS Max VI Extreme , CPU intel Core i7 4770k, cooling asotex 570LC, NVIDA 3G GTX 780 Ti , Mem 16GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 ,game drive 120GB INTEL X25 SS, OS drive 1TB, Win 7 home Prem.Logitech G105 key board,BenQ XL2430 Gaming Monitor.
All pilots owe me a beer. Retired USAF Rescue/Survival, Special Forces, and MI (after I got old and grey).