News of the World for October - Warbirds Rising:

October 1
The Battle of Le Transloy was the final offensive mounted by the British Fourth Army during the Battle of the Somme.
October 4
The troop transport ship RMS Franconia was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-47 in the Mediterranean Sea.
October 5
The Battle of the Cerna Bend began in Macedonia between the Bulgarian and Entente armies.
October 6
Serbian troops attacked Bulgarian troops near the villages of Dobroveni and Skochivir on the Macedonian Front, but were counter-attacked and pushed back. The Bulgarians took the village of Brod.
October 7
In the Battle of Brasov the city was recaptured by Austro-Hungarian forces.
October 8
Under the command of Kapitanleutnant Hans Rose the German submarine U-53 sank five merchant ships off the coast of Rhode Island, USA.
October 9
The Eighth Battle of the Isonzo began and continued the Italian attempts to extend the bridgehead established at Gorizia.
Eleftherios Venizelos arrived in Thessaloniki to establish a pro-Allies provisional Government and to raise an army.
October 10
Allied Governments sent an ultimatum to the Greek Government demanding surrender of the Greek naval fleet.
Spyridon Lambros replaced Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos as Prime Minister of Greece.
October 11
The Greek Government acceded to the Allied demands.
October 12
The Eighth Battle of the Isonzo ended with little territorial change and heavy Italian casualties.
October 13
The Norwegian Government prohibited belligerent submarines from using her territorial waters.
October 14
The Transylvanian frontier into Romania was crossed by German troops.
October 15
Anti-Entente demonstrations were held in Athens.
October 16
On the Western Front French troops gained a foothold in Sailly at the Battle of Morval.
October 17
During the Senussi Campaign the Allied Western Frontier Force moved to attack the enemy Senussi troops at the Affairs in the Dakhla Oasis.
October 18
General Henry Rawlinson mounted further attacks against the Germans at Gueudecourt during the Battle of Le Transloy.
October 19
French forces began a new offensive to capture Fort Douaumont at Verdun.
October 21
Austrian President Count Karl von Sturgkh was assassinated by Friedrich Adler, son of the founder of the Austria's Social Democratic Party.
October 22
Constanza in Dobrudja was captured by German and Bulgarian forces on the Eastern Front.
October 23
The British minesweeper HMS Genista was sunk by a German U-boat off the west coast Ireland.
October 24
French forces opened the First Offensive Battle of Verdun and recaptured Fort Douaumont.
October 26
The naval engagement, the Battle of Dover Strait took place when the German Empire launched flotillas of U-boats in order to disrupt the Dover Barrage and destroy all Allied shipping in the Strait.
October 27
By the time the Battle of Dover Strait ended the British had lost one destroyer, one troopship and several drifters while the Germans suffered only minor damage to a single torpedo boat.
October 28
Ernst von Korber was appointed Austrian President following the assassination of Count Karl von Sturgkh earlier in the month.
October 29
The Sherif of Mecca was proclaimed King of the Arabs.
October 30
Hermann von Stein succeeded Adolf Wild von Hohenborn as German Minister for War.
October 31
The Ninth Battle of the Isonzo was launched - the third of three short-lived offensives fought on the Isonzo front in the autumn of 1916. The battle started with an attack on Vrtojba and the northern and central areas of the Karst Plateau.

(From The Great War - Unseen Archives by Robert Hamilton)

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