The Pfalz E3 can dive a lot faster and can handle more G-Forces than the N10... but anyway, you should never go Bersek on the Steering or apply too hefty G-Forces. The Wing won't break as early as those of the N10 - but it WILL break sooner or later...
Climbing is superior, also.
Blip regularly - and listen. This Way, your Ears can compensate the blind Areas of the Plane.
Try to keep the Enemy below you. Climb first, attack later. You don't want the Enemy, where you can't see him. This is relatively easy, because most N10-Pilots dive early and stay low, once, they are there.
Stay directly above your Prey in tight Circles, and then dive in tight Circles without Power (just keep Ignition on long enough to prevent the Engine from stopping). You shouldn't have any Problems to stay behind him, for you can fly much slower than him without stalling.
Chicken Race: Steer down. You have a huge "Antenna" on top of your Plane, that is litterally indestructible. If he hits it, he will be spliced in two - and you even get a Kill for that biggrin