Clever Saville
Sgt, Rfc.
24 Sqn
West Bertangles

6 Sept 1916.

Line Patrol:

E/A Sighted: 3

Engaged: 2 Recon types

Remarks: Our 5 a/c were on patrol at 1500 meters, I sighted 3 machines off to the right going in and out of clouds. Fired off 7 rds to alert the flight. As the closest a/c I led the climbing turning attack. Fired off a drum and swung right to reload. Spotted Maj Hawker close to e/a heard firing then saw the e/a spin into the ground. About the same time Cpt Knight got his machine too. I saw it spin in. The e/a Mono plane had turn ed and flew off. The flight landed with 2 lt damaged and 1 a/c missing.

Although I dont know why, I started thinking about flight school.

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