Journal Entry: August 12, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

If there could ever really be such a thing as a good day in a war, then this day would be it. It all started with this morning's sortie. At breakfast, I had a good conversation with Trent and Oscar, the other two pilots in my flight for this morning's sortie, and I explained to them my ideas on how we might better carry out our attacks against the Huns, they were game and actually seemed excited. I also spoke with Tom about what I expected from him and explained that all he needed to do was to shoot straight and I would handle the rest. The morning was beautiful and it wasn't long before we were patrolling deep in Hunland. It wasn't long until I spotted a flight of three Aviatiks and I signaled Trent and Oscar and turned to attack. Tom had already seen the enemy and so he was prepared when I led our flight into the midst of the Hun flight. Almost immediately Tom started banging away at our Hun and I could hear that Trent's and Oscar's observers were doing the same. Here are some photographs of Trent's and Oscar's victories. My victory wasn't as spectacular and I didn't bother with a photograph.

This is the first time since I've been promoted to Flight Commander and flight leader that I've felt that I actually was leading men into battle. I was so proud of my flight that I gave Trent and Oscar a handshake that must have wrenched their shoulders when we landed. The Old man was extremely pleased with out performance and ordered that I begin to coach the other pilots in how to attack the Huns. Our flight destroyed an entire enemy flight, what if we could do that on every sortie? Could that possibly shorten this dreadful war? I firmly believe that the more painful we can make it for the Hun then maybe they will sue for peace and this blasted war will end.

As if this day could get any better, I managed to score my nineteenth victory in the afternoon sortie. I found a cheeky Hun patrolling over St. Omer and I stalked him for more than 30 minutes before Tom sent him packing.

I do miss Edmund, we made a wonderful team, but I do believe Tom is showing quite a lot of spunk and I look forward to working with him. I'll say goodnight as I wrap up a productive day for King and Country.

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