Journal Entry: December 13, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

Have you ever fussed and worried over a cocoa-nut and as soon as you finally reach the prize, your friend comes along and eats it before you can. Well, I had something similar happen to me today. Roderic and I were sent to fly a line patrol near Niewpoort. We had just arrived when we spotted a lone Aviatik flying along without a care in the world. That poor Hun saw us at the same time and quickly turned for home, but we are quicker and he couldn't get away. I swooped in and gave him a good burst after which he began belching smoke, but my Lewis jammed so I had to turn away. It was at that point that Roderic pulled up and quickly shot down my Aviatik. I had done all of the work and I wasn't very happy. When we returned, he just smiled and said, "What, I didn't think you wanted it." What could I do but laugh and together we walked to the RO's hut together.

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