I'm good with whatever you want to add - hours would be fine, actual kills vs "reportable" kills (Ambrose has 86 vs 57 reportable, for example). Actually the metric I care least about is score - probably because I don't understand why an easy-peasy landing at your home field is worth a point, and putting down in a wheat field is a -1, for instance - from a pilot point of view, I feel a lot more pleased with myself when I manage to land someplace other than an aerodrome and come out of it alive without eating a fence or tree.

But if people like scoring, I'm cool with it - and sometimes I can even add correctly!

Medals I'm not sure of though, just because it's kind of wonky - I think Alvin got two DSOs and a VC within two weeks, which seems a little ahistorical...on the other hand, we are in Bizarro WWI, where a pilot has 86 kills in a little more than 4 months of 1915, 49 of them in a Morane.

Whatever you like. Whatever everybody else likes. I'm in for the duration.

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