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AceofPengwins, please read the beginning instructions carefully before you begin a career. We have some interesting things that you need to accomplish before you can get started. We added those to make it more of a realistic start and to increase the roleplaying aspect of this DID. One other thing, remember the first letter of your pilot's first name needs to start with an 'A' and as you go through pilots you just move through the alphabet one letter at a time. Welcome to the club and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am. Remember, you are trying to survive the whole war so no need to be a hero.

Cool. So according to my understanding I need to create a pilot with first name of A on today's date 1915 (for the warbirds), and then QC fly him from Koln to my assigned airfield (Bertincourt in this case as I was planning on joining Jasta I which is currently flying two-seaters.) Then the next two missions i follow the specific training instructions in the post on the first page.

Does that sound right?

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