It was my own fault-I should have paused the game when my daughter came in the room. I'm not such a good pilot that I can multi-task a dead stick landing in a field with a competing question from my daughter on how to solve a computer issue. I simply lost situational awareness regarding my speed, and didn't realize it had dropped as much as it did. I had all sorts of room and altitude, and could have come in a lot faster than I did

On a slightly related point: Is there a text file anywhere the player can see what is wrong with the aircraft? Right now, I really don't know what the failure was. I'm just curious to know if it is saved somewhere so I can look at it for historical flavor.

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MudWasp: Nicely done! Score one for the Hun!

Combs: Ouch, that's too bad. That's two down (CW3SF also lost a pilot) in two weeks and we aren't even shooting at each other yet!

Well okay, the British are shooting. The Germans are just peaceful observers.

Except MudWasp.

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