Journal Entry: August 15, 1915

I'm sorry that I've been so remiss in writing journal entries; it defeats the whole purpose of keeping a journal if one doesn't write entries every so often. I would wager that the reason for the lack of journal entries would be caused by the lack of anything noteworthy happening in the last couple of weeks. I won't say that it is dull, because it's not possible for flying to be dull, but it is very routine. We get up, fly our daily sortie, come back to a delicious lunch and dinner and then spend the afternoons and evenings either resting, playing cards, listening to music or reading. I guess it is a rather lovely way to fight a war. I do have a sneaking suspicion that these halcyon days aren't going to last much longer. Just the other day, we heard a rumor of a new type of aeroplane that the High command will be releasing to certain units for testing. It's all very hush hush and we didn't hear of any details. I fear these relaxing, peaceful days where our only concern is what's for dinner won't be lasting too much longer.

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