Sgt Arthur Much, Abeele RFC-5, 26th January 1916

Ruddy Hun! Bombing mission today, to hit a railyard just north of Lens. I lead the flight with Wilbert along to help. We arrive without incident, I drop my eggs, complete and utter miss, but Wilbert's load does the trick! I see two or three buildings on fire, good show! We make the turn for home. A mile short of the lines I hear that infernal buzzing noise. I look back and see three Eindeckers closing on us. As I put our kite into a shallow dive to try to pick up speed I hear an almighty hullaballoo behind us. Looking back I see one Eindecker in flames and another craft in a similar state. Unfortunately I no longer see Wilbert and assume the hun must have collided with him. No time to dwell on it. Two more of the blighters are after me. I make it to the lines and head straight for one of our balloons. My observer rattles off a few shots but then our pursuers decide that enough is enough and they leave us in peace. Poor Wilbert. Nothing for it but to carry on.

(sorry for the lack of screen caps!)


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