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Thanks for the compliment MFair. Re the bout with the tripe. Good thing you didn't get into a turn fight with it!!

At this point in the war the DII is getting a little long in the tooth already. Pups, Tripes, and Spads can fly circles around me. Or maybe I don't know how to fight with an Albatros but Drago is holding his own at the moment. I came down like a rocket on the Tripe and had all intentions of high tailing it out of there but got a good burst on him and crippled it. The second pass was a piece of cake. Just glad he didn't have some mates around.

Agreed, they're a death sentence after 1917 if you ask me and subsequent variants offer nothing terms of improved performance either.

I grew to loathe the Albatros while flying it, it's slow, sluggish, heavy and insolent at the worst possible times during turns. So far as I can tell the only difference between a D.II and a D.III or D.V is the added weight from the extra paint it takes to add a "I" or a "V" to the airframe. Switching to the Pup afterward almost felt unfair, it was like turning on God Mode. The only good thing I could say about the Albatros in general (and this goes for the ones in Rise of Flight too) is that its' utter mediocrity makes it just barely good enough to keep you alive if you know what you're doing in it.

Unfortunately Ze Germans don't have many options in 1917. You can always try your luck in a two seater until the Fokker D.VII arrives I guess. smile

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