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MFair, we have had an incredible amount of rain. This past Saturday we had 4 inches just in the evening. The whole state of Oklahoma was under severe drought conditions, but not anymore. I really don't know what our current rain total is right now, but this is by far the wettest May that I've experienced since moving to Tulsa and I've lived here 20 years.

This HillBilly feels your pain as best he can. Most water I see is when the Beaver Swamp walls are beeing reconstructed as they are now. Man. the township gives me a special permit to get rid of them when they do, as they are doing this summer..... How should i politely tell them Beavers to move this year?

Edit... NOT Taken as LOUD and DRUNK....oops...fooking clouded up... I'll miss the moon light tonight for frogging.
Have to make do or cat5ch them anutter night. screwy