Dudley Nightshade
A Sqn , 4th Wing
Petit-Synthe Flanders.

20 Nov 1916.

I say, Bit of bad luck, I tangled with Hun who was a good flyer. We had 5 a/c in 2 flights on Patrol. B Flight took after 2 two Seats escorted by 1 Fokker I spotted Our Top cover diving on 3 Albatross Scouts so I went down with them. It was a turn and burn dissolving into individual fights. Spotted 2 smoke trails under me while fighting the Hun. I put on the last drum when he hit me with a good burst and I spun out. Luckily, Archie was popping and the Hun went home as I limped into a friendly base and the Hospital till 1 Dec. The Sgn Reported 2 Destroyed + (me) Wnd the other 2 had Lt damage. for 1 Hun destroyed ( 2 seat)

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