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You could try a low frontal pass!

One of the observer guns on the C1 seems like it can shoot forward pretty well...There probably is a dead zone, but with a Morane, I have to get past the C1 before my gunner opens up...with very little margin for error on either side. I still have a vivid memory of Ambrose veering just a little to the left while stalking those Pfalzs and getting a wing full of lead...

Might give it a shot next time I see one. And be ready to dive very sharply if bullets start hitting me.

Banjoman, I run with labels on to aid my aging eyes (though I will only go after German planes if they're within a mile or so of me, to keep it at least semi-realistic) - looks like Jasta 1 is running C1s pretty exclusively. Our old pal Leffers will get a nice break - you've shot him down a dozen times, Alvin at least 7, and Ambrose the same.