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The Diary of August Ege.

27.XI.1915. Frescaty-Metz.

Weather's been better this week, with a couple of almost sunny days! Consequently, the Abteilung has been flying very actively. As usual, most of our flights take us to the Verdun salient - either its central area with the big forts, or one of its flanks. There's no doubt that something big is being planned to take place here in the near future. As it gets dark quite early now, we have plenty of time to discuss things in the evenings. Everybody agrees that all these preparations can mean only one thing - a new offensive operation!

Verdun seems like the obvious target. Generals dislike big bulges in the lines, and Verdun fits that definition perfectly. The day before yesterday I was at a supply depot at Metz and had the opportunity to talk with some of my old friends from Kraftwagen-Park 5. They've been busy hauling men and materials to the rear areas of 5. Armee. Apparently they are building new roads, railways and dugouts there, and are using Russian prisoners of war (plenty of them available!) as laborers.

I suppose I shouldn't even be writing these things in my diary, but everybody here seems to know that something's afoot, so what's the harm? Something has gone terribly wrong if the enemy manages to acquire my diary!

But it makes me wonder - if everybody here seems to know about the preparations, then what about the enemy?

A comfortable dugout.


This DID campaign has been very relaxing so far compared to the crazy fighting of 1918 in the other DID! I'm greatly enjoying this change of pace. smile

"Upon my word I've had as much excitement on a car as in the air, especially since the R.F.C. have had women drivers."

James McCudden, Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps