I actualy got the wind up today. here I was thinking the Pfalz EIII is the cats meow, then I got my Butt handed back to me.

FFA4b was to do a show bombing some airfield Isilsomething (that just shows how serious I took this one). I was top cover for 3 Aviatiks. Coool I think. Off we go and go over at 2400m. A Be2 here, a Be2 big deal. Flakfuer a bit hot in some places. Then we reach target, no one home, and the boys start bunging the bombs...ONE at a time!! This is going to take forever I'm thinking, and 16km over the front....not good.

And so it had to happen, two N10's thought they would come home to land when they spotted us. So it's power on and off they go climbing for us. Hmmmmm, not to bad, it's going to take a while to get up to us. So I just circle and wait...and wait....and wait. Finally the Aviatiks decide to turn for home. The N10's are still lower but I can almost see the pilots faces by now.

1st idea...stay above the Aviatiks and let them shoot the N10's to bits. But what the...haaaay! they turn back to have another run at the airfield. Now the N10's are just below us and any real advantage I had is gone. So I pick one out and plan to zoom and boom him. Well this bus aint to good at it as I find out. Now I'm co-alt with one N10 and the other is almost there too.

Now comes the shock....I don't turn as well as the N10 after all, plus all this turning is costing me altitude...yikes! I look around for the others but they are quite far away form us and a lot no help from them, poo.

I can't get on the tail of this one N10 but out of desparation a send off a burst in his general direction and it works...he pulls away from me but his friend is now on my 6!! turn turn turn, this is getting me nowhere. They cant shoot at me and I cant shoot either, but I'm miles from home. I like this pilot and I dont want to loose him. And this is now when I start getting the wind up, and felt a little panic building up inside of me. I knew this was a God awfull sh...y mess I'm in and I can also see that I'm loosing the battle. I've ran out of ideas. Diving wont help they will just catch up. They climb better and turn a little better tooo. Crap

Then one makes a mistake... he stalls his bus, so he was flying over the limit as well. Down he goes but the other is still after me. I try the squirt trick again and he pulls out of the turn letting me make a dash for home. I know it wont take long for them pick up my scent again...especially as my pants are brown by now, leaving plenty of scent to follow!. Things look good at first and I get my hopes up for about 30sec, then I see they are faster than my bus. I cant run, I'm going to have to duke it out.

So I turn sharply to the right and fly straight in headfirst with my MG blazing. This seems to of worked and the rear most N10 runs for home. Turn fight with the other one again, left, right.....He almost has me....and then he breaks off. I can't beleave my eyes..its true and I'm not going to ask him whats wrong either!

Whew..I make it back, and just as I turn my engine off, the others arrive to land.
That was the worst fight I've had to date, and what a wake up call it was too.


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