Greetings folks. I was able to get back to some flying in this campaign, now that I have the majority of my mapping project under my belt. It was very enjoyable catching up on everyone's pilots here and thank you all for the wonderful reports and such. However, what was not so wonderful was the engine trouble my pilot, Allard Tremblay, suffered in his first mission back. He and his gunner/obs were forced to land 10 kilometers behind the lines where they were immediately set upon by Boche troops and captured. They are now guests of the Kaiser for the next six months - six months! So, I now have a question. Would it be allowable to move Sous-lieutenant Tremblay to the "War Birds Rising" group in February when he makes good his escape? Elsewise I will be waiting a very long time for his return in this campaign. Thanks for your consideration on this point.

Allard and his G/O sitting in their now-useless mount moments before their imminent capture.


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