Journal Entry: November 20, 1915

The rain and sleet finally stopped today and so Ernst, Gustav and I flew up to the front to have a look around. I took us above the clouds and we started patrolling on a line from Miraumont southwards to Guillemont. We had the skies all to ourselves and it was thrilling to be soaring up above the clouds in the sunshine. We had just reached Guillemont and turned north when I spotted two black specks north of us heading towards Bapaume from the west. I signaled the others and we began to stalk our prey. As we got closer, the specks materialized into our hated foe, Nieuports. Once we had the sun at our backs, we dove to engage. The Nieuports saw us at the last minute and one dove away while the other turned to engage. Gustav continued diving after the fleeing Nieuport while Ernst and I stayed and engaged the second. While I was recovering from my dive, the Nieuport flashed past in front of me and I fired a snapshot burst just to let him know I was serious. Immediately after I fired, the Nieuport dropped a wing and fell into a spin. I continued my turn while watching the Nieuport thinking to myself he is trying to fool me. Imagine my surprise when the Nieuport continued until it augured into the ground. Ernst and I reformed and it wasn't long before Gustav rejoined us as well, then we headed home. Upon landing, Ernst and I were dumbfounded as to what could have happened to that Nieuport. I had the armorer check my ammunition and was told that I had fired 11 rounds, I can only suppose that I hit the pilot. Anyway, that was my fifth kill and I must have told and retold the story of today's engagement a dozen times at tonight's dinner.


Here is a screenshot of our after action status. You can see that I actually only hit with one bullet. I don't think I've ever done this before in WOFF.

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