Journal Entry: October 26, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

I had another chance to try out my tactics for attacking the new Aviatik this afternoon. Roderic and I were ordered to fly a line patrol up near Lens and we arrived without incident. It wasn't long until I spotted a flight of two Aviatiks. I signaled Roderic and we both dove to attack. I led us around until we were approaching the Huns from the stern. I didn't begin to climb until I was around 200 yards from my target. This worked out rather well because I was climbing from below and could attack the Hun unmolested from either machine. In quick fashion, the Aviatik began to turn on its back and spin to Earth. Roderic attacked his Aviatik in like manner and when I checked, his target was spinning earthward as well. I know this is only the second test, but I'm beginning to think this might be the most successful tactic for attacking these Hun machines. By the way, Roderic and I make a good team, we seem to know what the other is thinking when we are flying.

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