Journal Entry: October 23, 1915

I saved Wolfgang's life today. For the life of me, I can't understand why we still have a comrade flying and old Aviatik B.I. It is as if poor Wolfgang is the sacrificial lamb, well, not on my watch he isn't. When we transferred over to the C.Is and he didn't, I knew something like today was bound to happen, and I've been dreading it ever since. The entire Jasta was turned out to fly an artillery shoot around Guillemont. We had just started registering the fire, when two of those cursed frogs in their cursed Nieuports arrived. I was leading Schwarm Zwei and Hauptmann von Schoenebeck was leading Schwarm Eins. We were about 2.5 kms from Eins when the French began to attack. I noticed that one of the Frenchmen separated and began to stalk Wolfgang. I immediately gave my old bus full throttle and turned to assist Wolfgang. I knew I couldn't rescue both of them, but since Wolfgang was defenseless I obviously had to help him. The Frenchman must have decreased his speed considerably because while he was stalking Wolfgang I was able to close the range quickly. He obviously was not paying attention because I was able to approach from below and behind him without being noticed. When Hans was satisfied that we were close enough, he gave that frog a good burst. A puff of smoke appeared from the frog's engine and he quickly dove away, with his tail between his legs scampering for home. I pulled up next to Wolfgang and waved and received a huge smile and a wave in return. While all of this was taking place, Hauptmann von Schoenebeck had successfully dealt with his Nieuport and sent him packing as well. We finished our work and returned home. Upon landing, Wolfgang clasped my hand and would not let go while he just repeated over and over, "I was dead, but you saved me." I reminded him that as his comrade I would always have his back as he would have mine. Just another day in this cursed war.

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