Sergent Tremblay and his gunner/obs Sergent Fauchard have been awarded their first victory. Yesterday afternoon they were assigned a patrol of the lines at Bapaume and were accompanied by Sgt. Rouquette and his gunner/obs Lt. Sallares. The two Moranes climbed into a beautiful blue winter's sky as they worked their way northeasterly. At Beaumont-Hamel Sgt. Tremblay spotted an aeroplane straight east of their position that looked to be doing a reconnaissance. He signaled his flight mates and guided his mount to investigate. The intruder turned out to be a lone Aviatik who, upon seeing the approaching pair, swung around and headed for home. However, Allard and Jerome had gotten close enough before being spotted so that they were able to overtake the enemy craft as it was nearing Bertincourt. Sgt. Tremblay drew up alongside the Boche, who did little to avoid them at that point, and after Sgt. Fauchard sent but two short bursts from his Lewis into the enemy plane it erupted in flames and fell. It fully startled the Frenchmen who then watched as the burning ship crashed between two tent hangers at the aerodrome below, setting both of them alight. It was a gruesome thing to see. Upon returning to camp Sgt. Tremblay and his gunner turned in their report, which was supported by Lt. Sallares and his pilot. This morning confirmation of the claim was given and Allard and Jerome had their names added to the escadrille's tally board.

Sgt. Tremblay closing in on his prey.

Pulling up along side and turning into the Boche to give Sgt, Fauchard a clear shot.

The Aviatik bursts into flames almost at once from Jerome's handiwork.

The fireball hits the ground and torches the hangers on either side of the impact.

Allard makes a final survey of the unnerving scene before heading back to camp.

A victory to be sure, but not one the young Sergent is feeling altogether good about as he continues to imagine what the end must have been like for his foe. C'est la guerre.


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