Sgt. Bryan Smythe
Warbird Rising
6th Squadron, RAF
Abeele, Flanders, France

15-16 June 1915
The past two days have been front line patrols over the front with Dixon as lead. Weve had good weather, but havent seen any Germans. The faster Fe2 keeps leaving us shortly after we reach altitude. The BE simply cant keep formation with them. God help us if we actually come into contact with armed German scouts.

17 June 1915

We had a recon over the front lines with Baily and Dixon. The weather was raining. There were towering thunderheads, with bases at around 4000 feet. Very majestic and awe-inspiring. Unfortunately, they made it impossible to do any type of meaningful reconnaissance from 8000 feet. The flight leader didnt deviate from the assigned altitude and drop lower, so we didn't accomplish much.

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