Journal Entry: September 30, 1915

The skies around Bertincourt have become extremely dangerous for those of us poor souls flying Aviatiks. The hated French have deployed a brand new aeroplane made by Nieuport that is causing us much heartache. Just yesterday, we lost Stegman and Seidel. I watched the whole thing and there wasn't a thing I could do to help. I had tears of impotent rage streaming down my face as I watched my comrades plunge to their deaths. I am determined to get into a scout somehow. I spoke to Hauptman von Schoenebeck about my concerns and once again he told me to calm down and be patient. I know he won't approve a transfer so I must bide my time. I can't believe that one of the best Jastas in the luftstreitkrfte doesn't have the newest machines. I need to stop whining, my duty is here and here is where I will perform it. I've included a photograph of our escort engaging one of these Nieuports.

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