News of the World for June - Intrepid Fliers:

June 1
The only large-scale naval engagement of the war, the Battle of Jutland ended with a tactically inconclusive result. While the Royal Navy suffered more losses, the battle effectively ended any threat from the German High Seas Fleet, and British dominance of the North Sea was maintained.
June 2
The Battle of Mount Sorrel took place at Ypres when German forces attempted to capture the high ground around Ypres.
German forces stormed Fort Vaux in the Battle of Verdun.
June 3
The National Defense Act authorised a five-year expansion of the US Army.
The Allied Commander in Thessaloniki ordered all Greek officials out of the town, effectively imposing martial law.
June 4
The Russian Brusilov Offensive began on the Eastern Front.
June 5
TE Lawrence helped the Emir of Mecca in the Arab revolt against Turkish rule in Hejaz.
HMS Hampshire struck a mine off the Orkneys and sank with the loss of nearly all the crew, and Great Britain's war minister, Lord Kitchener.
June 6
The Arab attack on Medina was repulsed by the Turkish garrison.
President Yuan Shikai of China died and was succeeded by Li Yuanhong.
June 7
French troops at Fort Vaux surrendered to the Germans.
June 8
Voluntary enlistment in Britain was replaced by compulsion when the Second Compulsory Service Act came into operation.
British forces occupied Bismarckburg and Belgian troops occupied Usumbura in German East Africa.
June 9
Arab forces captured the city of Jeddah in Arabia.
German forces attacked Kondoa lrangi in German East Africa.
June 10
The New Zealand Government passed the Compulsory Service Bill.
June 11
The Battle of the Strypa began during the Brusilov Offensive.
June 12
Zaleszczyki in Galicia was taken by Russian forces.
June 13
The Battle of Mount Sorrel ended when British and Canadian troops secured the line near Ypres.
June 14
French politician Etienne Clementel presided over the Allied Economic Conference in Paris.
June 15
Paolo Boselli was appointed Italian Prime Minister, following the collapse of the Salandra Government.
June 16
Italian forces began a counter-offensive against Austrian troops in the Trentino.
June 17
French defenders repulsed German attacks on Le Mort Homme at Verdun.
June 18
German flying ace and pioneer Max Immelmann was shot down and killed during aerial combat with a British squadron.
June 19
British and South African troops marched into Handeni in German East Africa.
June 21
The Entente Governments sent a Note to King Constantine demanding Greek demobilisation and a change of Government.
June 22
Alexandros Zaimis replaced Stephanos Skouloudis as Prime Minister of Greece.
June 23
German forces attacked and captured Fort Thiaumont at Verdun.
June 24
Massive preparatory bombardment to destroy German defenses began at the Somme.
June 26
The trial of Roger Casement for high treason began.
June 27
The Emir of Mecca issued his Proclamation of Independence from Turkey.
June 28
The Italian cavalry reached Pedescala, north-east of Asiago on the Southern Front.
June 29
Roger Casement was found guilty of high treason and sentenced to death.
June 30
The Battle of the Strypa ended.

(From The Great War - Unseen Archives by Robert Hamilton)

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