Another day and another artillery shoot. Leidenbrock circled around their assigned position while Kampe did his work.

As he looked around, Liedenbrock spotted two aeroplanes far below him. He watched with interest as they crossed into German territory. One machine suddenly deviated and made north. Then it came to a stop as it landed near the lines.

"Ours or theirs?" Liedenbrock wondered and decended to take a look.

It was a French monoplane that had come to rest in a quiet area that was hardly damaged by the battles of the previous autumn. Liedenbrock overflew the two airmen. This was the closest he had ever been to the enemy.

The Frenchmen just stared upwards.

Thinking this all very gentlemanly, Leidenbrock saluted them and returned south to his observation. The soldiers in the lines had no appreciation for the antics of these birdmen and shot a number of holes in the Aviatik's wings.

Duly chastised, Axel climbed away. He wondered what Steinborn would make of his wing damage.