Journal Entry: October 19, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

They say that patience is a virtue; they also say that good things come to those who wait. Well, they are right. Today while we were enjoying our lunch, the adjutant came and whispered something to the CO after which he exclaimed, "Splendid", he then arose and left. Well naturally, we got up and followed him. We stepped outside just as a large number of lorries were arriving in front of the hangar area. Once the commotion had died, the CO announced to one and all, "Gentlemen, our new kites have arrived. We will be turning in our Moranes for the new Nieuports". Pandemonium ensued, we were acting like boys on Christmas morn. When we had settled down a bit, the CO explained, "Half the squadron will be fitted out with the Nieuport 11, while the rest will be given the Nieuport 10C1". He also stated, "Everyone will eventually get an 11 when they become available". He gave instructions for the kites to be rigged and ready for tomorrow's sorties. Here are a couple of photos of our new planes.

Lost in all of the hubbub was what will happen to our observers. I told Edmund and Tom that I would use all of my influence to get them into pilot training if they were interested. They both expressed that desire and I spoke with the CO and he readily agreed. They will be transferring out in a few days. It will be very lonely without my two trusty observers. If the truth be told, I know I couldn't have made it this far without either of them.

Seems like in all of the excitement regarding our new machines, nobody noticed until later, the new guy that had also arrived. I introduced myself and learned that his name is Roderick Dallas, seems like an okay chap. We'll see if he makes anything of himself.

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