Dudley Nightshade
Sgt, RFC

Dec 24, 1916.

I say, good show today ! B flight's 4 a/c were up on Patrol with Flt Commander Temple acting as Cover. Nearing the Trenches, I saw him mix it up with 2 e/a scouts. I dove to give a spot of help. He must have hit 1 because it headed for Hun Land, but the other made a side pass and got on his tail. Petal to the Metal, I barely got close enough to fire off a 40 rd Burst. The e/a , A Halb I think, curved to the right and I fired off another 40 rds. I must have hit him because the e/a slowed so I gave him 32 more 303 cal bullets. The e/a turned into a fireball as his wings came off and he went into a final dive. Following the Commanders a/c, I saw him force land by a French Church. He's Ok, I saw him Waving after getting out of the machine.