Sub Flt. Lt. Dudley "Ducky" Duckett
Vert Gallant
Dec. 6 1916

I thought today was my last! We had a morning patrol of the front. While patrolling our lines the flight of 4 scattered and I knew some Huns were about. I stayed in trail of the flight leader but could not see anything. After what seemed a lifetime of searching for the enemy bullets slammed into my machine and I went into a spin to get away. Coming out of the spin my controls were sluggish and fortunately was on our side of NML. I made for Bellevue which was in sight and noticed a DII after one of ours over the field. When I tried to line up a shot my engine sputtered and quit. Too low to make the airfield I made a hard landing in a field close to the aerodrome.
We claimed 1 machine but my port wing was a mess.

Robert, Wish we could have seen the combat footage! Hope it works for you next time. Nice Report.

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