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Has anyone seen any German HA other than Gustav Leffers so far? He seems to be the only one (and almost exclusively flying alone). What gives?

Ambrose has shot down Leffers 18 times (one time twice in one day, morning and afternoon flights). Alvin only 6 times. I imagine there are other HAs, in the Verdun or Marne sectors, but from Albert north, Leffers seems to be it going into October. We'll probably see others when the KEKs start deploying.

Haven't seen a BII, or any Eindeckers other than EIs yet (and not a lot of them) with Alvin. Just CIs, and with Leffers in a CI now, he's safe from Alvin at least till 1 RNAS gets into Nieuports. Then maybe he'll get to shoot Alvin down, cause right now, Alvin stays away from the CIs after a couple of bad experiences.