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You know, I've read a bunch of WWI memoirs and I can't remember a one of them that mentions their plane or wingmen's planes bursting into flames. I wonder if maybe the engine failure code could be tweeked a little?

In another topic, does anybody mind if I create an additional pilot to fly as a German in the Intrepid fliers group? We don't have any Germans in the Intrepid flier group.

Yeah, the exploding plane feature actually seems to be fairly new, at least in my limited experience. Prior to the Centenary Challenge, I flew a Laf Esc campaign from April '16 to February '18 (and was sad to find I didn't automatically transfer into an American squadron, so I had to recreate him to move on) and never saw a plane blow up. Plenty of system failures, but no consuming fires, for me or for anyone else in any flights. So something seems to have been either added or changed.

As for a second early pilot, I say go for it. Four flights a day is about my max, so I'll stick with one in each group, though I have a German and an American (who will fly for France) ready to go when Ambrose or Alvin fall. Which I choose will depend on who dies first - if Alvin, I can get into an EI squadron. If Ambrose, maybe a Nieuport squadron. Either way, no more Moranes for me. With 500 hours between the two pilots, I've had enough of that charming little plane.