Carrick, I still think you are the "king of screens". Great shots. Enjoy the 2 seaters.

Banjoman My thoughts are the same on the DII. Even in my Nieuport they are not a match.

Broderick Bolitho had the most hair raising flight of his stay at the front. We were to attack a Hun airfield and I had a hanger smoking and was determined to knock it out. Came in low at ground level to really hammer it. Did I say I got cocky! Pulling up there was a WHAM! Crap!(here the quirky no sound thing after a collision happens) No power I think. Immediatly set down on the field, still moving. Look at instruments. I have power! Pull back on the stick. Barely flying. Land? Fly? What to do? Lets fly home! Oh no! Trees dead ahead. How I cleared them is beyond me. Now a stall is happening. This all happened so fast there was no time to see what kind of damage I had. Finally get in the clear and have to hold full rudder and left aileron to stay level. My right wing is shreds and my left verticle stabilizer looks like a pretzel. If I try to climb the machine starts to stall. Long story short, I made it back over the lines. Note to self. Those who get cocky die!

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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