Dudley Nightshade
Flt, Lt.
Petit-snythe, France.

March 15, 1917.

Mission: Patrol
B Flt: 6 A/C
Alt: 3200 meters
Loc: Just short of the Lines
E/A: 2 Recon Types
Claims: Both E/a
Loss: 3 damaged B flight N-17 Bis's

Remarks: We had a Row with the Huns this morning. By chance, I was the closest machine to attack. I got off 2 10 rd bursts of my Lewis then Jam. My vickers barked 32 rds then I Broke right as his wingmans gunner fired. The flight left 1 smoking and the other in a spin headed down. After landing, we counted 12 holes in my top wing.

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