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Good to read of Ambrose and his action packed missions. Watch out for bad engines and green Fokkers. The green ones should give him a better fight.

Actually it was Alvin's letter (which I've fixed) - had Ambrose on my mind, since he's just moved from FE to Bristol Fighter and I'm finding the switch from two-seater to scout jarring (after four months in two-seaters - actually closer to 7-8 since I was running a Strutter campaign and then a Briff campaign before the challenge started).

I am liking the Bristol Fighter, though - even with the whack gun placement. Since I have to fly to the side of the German planes to get a shot at them, I'm finding it's better to fire at the pilot area than the engine. The angle is good for that, and when I take out the pilot, down they go. Not as spectacularly as when the gunner on a Morane or FE blows up an engine, but a kill is a kill.

Hopefully when the green Fokkers get tired of Verdun and Alsace, they'll come on up to Flanders.