Dudley Duckett
Vert Gallant
Dec. 7, 1916

If Dudley does not improve he will not be long for this world. His flight was tasked with balloon busting this morning. Horrid weather but the flight leader found the balloon. Diving to it I felt that my speed was to great and pulled up. My two mates had the balloon smoking but it was still there. I made another dive and released my rockets but my aim was low.

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Pulling out of my dive I could not see anyone and headed west. Finding Vert Gallant in a blinding snowstorm I circled to land. While on final approach I heard the air raid sirens go off and then tracers whipped by! A Roland out hunting and I was his prey.
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I pulled up behind him hoping to get my first victory and was immediately hit with a hail of bullets from the gunner. I put my machine on the field. It will take 3 days to repair. My mates did hit the balloon and returned safe. The CO reminded me that I had cracked up two planes and was doing more for the Huns than our side!

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