Journal Entry: November 29, 1915
St. Pol-sur-Mer

It has been a while since I've reported anything in my journal, I guess I've been just too busy or it has just slipped my mind. In any case, I have quite a bit to report today. I'm beginning to wonder who is the more implacable enemy, the Hun or the bespectacled, bureaucratic pencil pushers of Wing headquarters. Here is a perfect example of what I mean: Just the other day, Roderic and I were ordered to fly a routine line patrol just east of Nieuwpoort. We engaged two Fokker monoplanes and became separated in the clouds. I quickly vanquished my opponent and filed a claim form without any witnesses. Later in the day, Roderic and I were ordered to fly a defensive patrol over a friendly aerodrome that was nearby. Before we arrived he developed engine trouble and had to return to St. Pol, I continued on with the mission. It wasn't long before three Aviatiks arrived to bomb said aerodrome. I successfully engaged them and downed an Aviatik and also filled a claim form with no witnesses. The next morning, Conner, Roderic, and I were ordered to fly a line patrol east of Nieuwpoort and we encountered two Aviatiks within sight of our aerodrome. I promptly shot an Aviatik down and Conner got the other one. We then continued with our mission. Which claims were confirmed? You would be correct in assuming the claims that had multiple witnesses and within sight of our aerodrome, but you would be wrong, both of my claims with no witnesses were accepted and my claim and Conner's claim with multiple witnesses was rejected. I wish Wing just understood what I'm trying to accomplish with my wingmates. I don't really mind my claims being rejected, but it can be quite discouraging to the chaps who are working so hard when their efforts are continually rejected. We will ultimately defeat the Hun and I suppose the bureaucrats in the end, one can only hope.

First unwitnessed victory

Second unwitnessed victory

Multiple witnesses

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