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I like this version of the DiD campaign. U get to play with all the early aircraft. If u use the more realistic mods, the old a/c are a handful. Just getting hits are shoot and pray. Knocking an aircraft down = a well done.

Agreed - but I do have to say Bristol Scout vs. Aviatik B1 = Turkey Shoot. And if you run into a lot of B1s, as I did last week, the good amount of ammo helps.

The N11 is another story - very limited ammo with C1s and E1s that shoot back. Whether I'm successful in the engagement or not, I never come back with a lot of ammo. Though I did have a nice 5 minute duel with Leffers in an E1 - lot of maneuvering, not much shooting till the end - he got some bullets into me early, then we danced for a good while - when he broke off, I came up behind him, one burst, he rolled left and went down. Of course, we were down to 500 or so feet, so down wasn't far...