Journal Entry: February 14, 1916
St. Pol-sur-Mer

What a glorious day for B Flight. Ronald, Roderic, and I were tasked with a line patrol up near Poperinghe and as we were turning for home I spotted a flight of Huns approaching us from the south. I signaled the flight and as I watched them approach I was shocked to learn that it was a flight of four Aviatiks. We have never seen more than two in a flight and the thought of facing eight machine guns was a little disconcerting. At first I was going to let them pass, but I surmised that the Huns thought that if they grouped such a large flight we would hesitate to attack them. That settled the deal and I gave the signal to attack. I quickly culled one from the herd and sent him plunging earthward and much to my surprise and joy, the lads finished off the other three. When we landed and made our report, the Old man at first didn't believe us, but he came around after we each shared our report. Now we wait for the bean counters. I wonder if we are witnessing a change in the Hun's tactics, they must do something because we are bleeding them dry.

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