Sgt, Chevalier de Orleans
Esc 3 The Storks
Marne, France.

Nov 14, 1915.

We put zee Bosche down today. A section of three a/c went up to the Peronne area and didn't see anything. I led a 2 a/c section up to our eastern side of the lines and engaged 2 Recon 2 seat machines. I can confrim my flight leader Housseman,s Kill as it smoked a great deal as it headed down. I closed on mine ( remembering what a fellow aviator told me about staying low and behind) I started firing at 100 meters and banged on my second drum at 50 The last drum was nose up and stalling as I fired and saw him spin out of control. Leveling out I saw the e/a spin into the ground.

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