Sgt, Chevalier de Orleans
Esc 3 The Storks
Marne, France.

Nov 26,1915.

Patrol: 3 N10,s
Area: Just befor NML our-side of lines.
E/A : 2 Recon types
Alt: 2000 Meters

Results: 2 E/a shot down
3 N-10 Damaged with 1 Pilot Wnd.

Pilot Statement: We attacked in formation Bucquet Leading. I can Confrim his kill. The Recon machine smoked then started down in a nose dive. Bocare attacked the other a/c then pulled off. I took a few hits as I closed, banged on another drum and fired then under him at 50 meters fire my last drum. The e/a staring smoking and lost power as it glided towards Hun land.

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