Warbirds Rising - October News:
October 2
The Greek Premier Eleftherlos Venlzelos asked the British and French to land troops at Salonika as soon as possible.
October 3
Germans recaptured part of Hohenzollern Redoubt on the Western Front.
October 4
The Entente Powers sent an ultimatum to Bulgaria.
October 5
Russia notified Bulgaria that diplomatic relations were at an end.
The political crisis in Greece continued to grow as King Constantine refused to support the policy of Venizelos who then resigned again.
October 6
Serbia was invaded by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.
King Constantine of Greece assured Britain that his country would remain neutral, but nonetheless Greek mobilization and Allied disembarkation at Salonika began.
October 7
Austro-Hungarian and German forces attacked across the Danube into Serbia.
October 8
The new Greek Government, with Alexandros Thrasivoulou Zaimis as the new Premier, confirmed their policy of armed neutrality.
October 9
Belgrade was captured by Austrian forces.
Wumbiagas, in the Cameroons, was captured by British forces.
October 10
The Greek Government rejected the Serbian plea for help against invasion.
October 11
Bulgarian forces began hostilities against Serbia.
October 12
Following a court-martial, British nurse Edith Cavell was executed by German firing squad for helping POW's escape from Belgium to Holland.
October 13
A sustained Zeppelin airship raid on London and the Eastern counties resulted in over 200 casualties.
French Foreign Minister Theophile Delcasse resigned and was temporarily succeeded by Rene Viviani.
October 14
Bulgaria joined the Central Powers, declaring war on Serbia and invading Macedonia.
October 15
Great Britain and Montenegro declared a state of war with Bulgaria.
The Romanian Government refused assistance for Serbia.
October 16
France declared war on Bulgaria.
Allied forces began a naval blockade of the Aegean coast of Bulgaria.
October 17
The British Government offered Cyprus to Greece in return for supporting Serbia against Bulgaria.
October 18
The Third Bartle of the Isonzo began between Italian and Austrian-Hungarian forces along the Soca River in western Slovenia.
October 19
Italy and Russia declared war on Bulgaria.
October 20
The Greek Government rejected Britain's offer of Cyprus.
October 21
Allied naval squadrons bombarded Dedeagatch in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian forces captured the City of Veles in Serbia.
October 22
Bulgarian forces captured the cities of Kumanovo and Uskub on the Southern Front.
October 23
The German armored cruiser Prinz Adalbert was sunk by the British submarine E8 in the Baltic.
October 24
La Courtine in Champagne was captured by French forces.
Venice was bombed by Austrian aircraft.
October 27
William Morris Hughes replaced Andrew Fisher as Prime Minister of Australia.
October 28
British battle cruiser HMS Argyll ran aground and was wrecked on Bell Rock off the east coast of Scotland.
General Sir Charles Munro took command of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.
October 29
French Premier Rene Viviani and Minister for War Alexandre Millerand both resigned.
October 30
Aristide Briand succeeded Viviani as Prime Minister of France.

(From The Great War - Unseen Archives by Robert Hamilton)

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The connecting rod out of my brain, my brain,
From out of my arse take the camshaft,
And assemble the engine again."