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ahhhhh...all those report forms I've filled in!

either way...just staying alive seems to count the most. But then we already have Olhams DID. If we only had online play.
Perhaps a different way of score keeping is needed. As it is I fill out my homemade logbook after each flight or things get messy come wedensday.


Missions flown = 1pt
Hours flown = 1pt per full hour
Claims total = 1pt (wether confirmed or not)
victories conf. = 2pts (as per the rule 1 claim for every 3 victories in a single mission)

Promotion = 10pts per level.

n.b. perhaps a new rule...when you make Captain (or what ever in other nations) then you have to transfer to be a flight commander some where else.

Nice idea. Sure would make scoring easy.

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