Dudley Nightshade
Flt. Lt.
B Flight

Feb 9, 1917.

Mission: Escort 2 Fee's on a Bombardment mission.
A Flt: 3 N-17 Bis.
B flt: 3 N-17 Bis + 1 N-11 BeBe.

Sighted: Flt of 3 Dfw Types off to the East. 5 E/a Scouts.

Engaged: 5 e/a Scouts.

Results: Claims 0 Lossses 1 N-17 destroyed. + 2 Heavy Damage and 1 Light damage 1 N-11 Lt Damage ( mine) Bombers: one Fee from Rfc 20 Sgn Destroyed. ( spun out of control

Remarks: A flight of Huns engaged the foremost machines B flight + 1 from A flt ( 2 of A Flt machines had already turned back before the fight started ). The e/a split up 3 mixing it up Turn and burn while 2 dove for the Fee's. I turned into the 1st of these got off about 93 rds. He pulled level and headed home while his # 2 got on my tail firing. I spun down to the deck while taking a few hits. Pulling out of the dive, I saw him heading home.