Sgt, Saville
24 sqn
Flanders, France.

August 6 1916.

Balloon Attack

A Flt: 3 a/c cover
B Flt: 2 A/c Strike package

Ammo: Full

E/A: 3 Fokkers E Types

Remarks: A frightful Show. B Flight curved in out of a corkscrew from 3,000ft into a flight of Huns. Mixing it up with turning, Reversals, and twisting. I didn't see A flights machines in the fight but heard later that 1 was lost . Both of our machines were hit. I had one on my six , I think it had 2 machine guns ? , made a chandell then nosed over and ran like E'LL amid the Archie. No claims and we didnt get the Balloon.