Journal Entry: June 26, 1915

Another week of flying in the books and not really much to show for it. I must admit that while the flying so far has been peaceful it has also become rather routine. I guess I can't complain in light of what I learned in the mess this evening. The other gentlemen were discussing what can only be described as three cold blooded killers operating up in northern Flanders. One of these killers is called Der Sensenmann, the other doesn't have a name but does fly an all gray aeroplane, and really nothing is known about the third pilot. These three Tommies have taken it upon themselves to single handedly kill every German they come upon. This is war, but these men seem to take great pleasure in killing unarmed enemies. I shudder to think what would happen to me if I met one of these killers. The great question in my mind, is why haven't our leaders armed our aeroplanes? It boggles my mind that our leaders will send unarmed men up into the air knowing there are men who will take great pleasure in killing them. I can only hope that they have good reasons for how we are fighting this air war.

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