Hasse, "Relatively well"??? Certainly you mean "Better than 98.5% of native English-speakers (99.5% on the North American side of the pond")!

I love learning languages but am not fluent in any of them. I have passable German (with a Swiss accent because that's where I studied), but I've lost much of my vocabulary. I have a broad knowledge of French, but my reading and writing are better than my speaking and listening since I've never had to live in the language. My business partner is from Quebec and says that all I need is a French girlfriend for a few months, but my wife isn't interested in my developing more language skills.

My wife's family is Italian, so I have enough spoken Italian that they can't talk about me while I'm in the room. I also slept through a Spanish class or two, so I have enough to order drinks. Oh, and I too learned the Russian alphabet. When I was a kid back in the 60s, I used to cycle down to the harbour in Halifax and trade with the sailors on the Russian grain ships. They were allowed only ten dollars when in port and spent it all the first day, so I did a roaring trade in cash for strong cigarettes, vodka, and Soviet propaganda posters and pins. It helped me stay popular at school.