Kuroken, Alvins letters home continue to be very entertaining. Great stuff.

lederhosen, love the added documents and photos and such to your reports - and Captain Mannequin of course.

carrick58, I hope Lt. There is still, well, there. I notice his reports have been absent as of late.

Banjoman, wonderful journal entries and screenshots as well. Also, congratulations on making it to Squadron Commander, but with 26 victories while flying a Morane its no wonder.

loftyc, hard luck on the disappearance of Sgt. Jameson. I feel your pain as Ive had the same thing happen to me numerous times in the past. Roberts back-up program really is the answer to this, assuming your computer doesnt burn up completely of course.

Fullofit, glad to see you're still around. And the N10 in a week you say? Lucky dog.

Adjutant Tremblay continues to do his bit for France and has in fact reached ace status. He was given a weeks leave upon being presented lMdaille militaire and has returned just recently from Amiens where he most certainly did not behave as a gentleman. But then, seeing as he was still le sergent at the time, his behavior was trs propo. His bump to the officers' ranks came when he returned to camp and luckily ahead of the reports that came in from the local authorities in Amiens. Had those arrived first it is doubtful the young pilote would have received the promotion. C'est la guerre!

Allard's last five or so sorties have all been at sunrise and they have been magnifique!

While real life continues to be very busy and has denied me the time I would like to spend posting in the forums rest assured I am still about, as are my DID pilots. Keep fighting the good fight Gents.


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