CatKnight, (and Banjoman, Hasse, MudWasp, and Fullofit), thank you for the comments and kudos on the livery for Adjutant Tremblays mount much appreciated. Allard and his gunner/obs had the opportunity to show it off in battle against an Aviatik B.1 early this morning in the skies above Marchlepot when they intercepted a lone enemy running reconnaissance along the front lines there. G/O Sous-lieutenant Joubert was spot on with his aim and in short order had shut down the engine in the hostile craft, which could do nothing at that point but glide down and land. Unfortunately for Allard and Marc the Bosche pilot was able to park his bus just inside his own lines. There would now be much doubt with HQ about the claim for this one, even with the presence of witnesses. Merde!

Allard pulls up along the enemy's port side and closes the gap.

Sous-lieutenant Joubert makes quick work of the engine in the Bosche kite, with the luxury of witnesses present in the second Morane following up behind.

Their prey drifts down to earth, sans power.

The brave French fliers watch as the B.1 manages to get back across to the Bosche side of the mud. Allard considered following to try and persuade the enemy to land elsewhere but the ground gunners were looking more menacing than he liked.

The sun was burning off the morning haze as Adjutant Tremblay and his G/O returned to camp along with their flight mates.

Enjoying a quiet sky as the descent back to Lahoussoye commences. A good outing.


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