BurnHard left the Kommandant's quarters and was again awestruck by sight of the huge zeppelin hanger that dominated the opposite side of Namur airfield. More so now than he had been before landing his malfunctioning pfalz in the early dawn. It dwarfed everything else around especially his troubled pfalz that Fritz was tinkering working on.

"You're mighty lucky to be alive this morning." called out Fritz as Burnhard approached. "This fuel leak could have fried you crispy had you flown much further."

"Luckier than my brother. Kommandant told me burned alive shortly after taking off from Colmar a few days back.". Fritz bit his upper lip and started to say something, but BurnHard cut him off with a hand wave and replied, "Yeah, things could be worse. How hard will it be to fix?".

"Quick fix, an hour or so. Help me push her over towards my brick repair hanger. "

Fritz had just finished the repair when Kommandant suddenly appeared with a rather grim look on his face and more bad news for BurnHard. The train his brother's remains were on had been destroyed at a railyard near Buhl Lorraine. Enemy bombers had exploded the adjacent cars carring artillary ammo. The train and the railroad storage warehouses were all oblitered.

BurnHard was cleared to leave Namur and invited for fresh sausages. He declined even though he was suprised to see sausages. Fritz went on to tell him that one of the benefits of being at a zeppelin base was the availability of beef intestines for gas bag repairs. The other, an abundant hydrogen supply, had BurnHard thinking of an ample fuel source for the funeral pyre he could no longer give to his brother Arnold. He decided to take Fritz up on the offer to take some sausages with him for the trip to Duoai. Sooner or later his appetite would return.

As he sat in the seat of his repaired Pflaz and looked out at the huge hanger he thought about all the hydrogen inside a zeppelin and what a massive funeral pyre it would make for the crew onboard. "Things could be worse", he muttered to himself as he fired up the Pflaz and headed for Duoai.

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