Dudley Nightshade
Flt Lt.
Jan 10, 1917.

Mission: Escort Bombers to Target near Burgge on the Coast.

A Flt: 4 N-11
B Flt: 5 N-10,s and N-11's.

Alt: 1500 Meters.

Bombers: 2 FE's. Meet over Airdrome.

Remarks: We got our blooming backs ripped open. A Jasta of Halb's fell on us as we crossed the lines. Top cover lost 2 N-11's before they ripped into us then the bombers. We were scattered to the 4 winds I had 2 of the Vultures circling me like I was a Road Kill. I managed to fire off 2 drums about 94 rds then broke free and ran for it. As I sped away, I spotted both bombers going down on the enemy side of the lines.

Sgn Claims: 1 Halb Destroyed. Losses: 2 N-11's+ 1 damaged From A flt. B flight: 1 N-10 Lost +2 damaged.
and 2 Fe's Destroyed. Intell Rpts: Jasta 11 was in Area.